Across the Void: Through Cancer and Into Life

Across The Void

About the book: Across The Void
Cancer is a word often spoken in hushed tones; like no other it can spark feelings of intense anxiety and fear. A diagnosis of this disease is seldom seen in a positive light, but for Laurie Bonello, breast cancer was the first step on a life-changing emotional and spiritual journey.

What is the experience really like, for someone forced to travel down that road? Across the Void offers a unique insight into a journey that too many people must take. Laurie's honest and articulate story of her own odyssey through cancer makes compelling reading—a must-read for all whose lives are touched by illness or loss.

Across The Void: Book Review by Claire Scott
“How can this be happening to me? Why me?” ACROSS THE VOID, Through Cancer and into Life is a compelling and brutally honest account of one woman’s journey with breast cancer. Author Laurie Bonello is propelled into the abyss from which she shares her fears and bares her soul. Step by step, she takes her heart in her hands to walk “a journey that too many people must take.”

“I’m sorry to advise you that you have breast cancer,” reports the surgical oncologist. With these chilling words, Bonello embarks on a life-changing odyssey into the unknown. Chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, alternative approaches, good and bad advice, wellness, diet, exercise, spirituality, energy work, holistic healing ~ the shear weight and number of choices are staggering and navigating this minefield proves a formidable task. Time after time, she stumbles in the face of ongoing challenges but knows on a deep level that the choice of how she plays the hand is hers alone. “True healing began only when I started to take action, and small steps were all that were needed.” Relationships with friends, colleagues and loved ones are affected in profound and unexpected ways. Her search for answers brings the realization that none of it matters unless she can know who she really is. “If I were to die on the operating table the following week, would I have had a good life?”

Grief is real and Bonello’s voice rings true. Whether we are dealing with the loss of a loved one, the death of our hopes and dreams or facing our own mortality, she speaks to our humanity and innate need to make sense of the incomprehensible. ACROSS THE VOID is an emotional roller coaster ride into those dark, secret places where few of us are willing to go. For Bonello, it is a life threatening illness that catapults her into a new life. Writing with candor and clarity, she shares her doubts, hopes, tears and triumphs with a generosity of spirit that makes us wish we had just a little of her grace. Her willingness to dig away at painful emotional layers in pursuit of self-love, forgiveness and redemption is at the core of this extraordinary read.

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Across The Void:
Through Cancer and Into Life
by Laurie Bonello

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